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Rev. Shirley D. Heermance





The theme for the Historic St. Mark's A.M.E. Church's 140th Anniversary was carefully thought out by the Anniversary Committee who worked tirelessly to ensure that under the current circumstances this pivotal year would be duly celebrated.  "For 140 Years God Has Not Failed Us" echoed throughout the day, as on Sunday May 24, 2020 the Worship services were dedicated to acknowledging this reality and blessing from God.  The concept posed in this year's theme forced us to take a long look back over the course of our Church's history to that place of realizing the extreme dedication the people of our past had for the life and longevity of St. Mark's.  Surely we found ourselves more inspired than ever!  But not only inspired, we were also challenged by the move of the Holy Spirit that filled every word uttered through the songs, prayers, and preaching.  Inspired to hear that our never changing God has never failed us.  Challenged as we go forward toward year 141 to continue to build on the solid foundation of Jesus the Christ.  


Over the past 140 years, of course, many thing have changed.  Currently we are living through the COVID-19 pandemic that is causing the world to strive to find our new normal.  Over the past several months we, like so many others, have not held worship services in our building and we await the day when we can safely return.  Since having to go through the kind of experiences that have been necessary to hold services, meetings, and classes we have also been tasked with finding our way outside of our comfort zones and into creative places that we did not know existed.  Some of our most senior members have learned to use technology that they swore they would never use. But in their desire to stay connected with the Church and ministry they love, they learned and are learning to embrace the very many features that allow our Church to function outside of the physical building.  In some sense, I know, we have taken smaller steps than others but have been careful to do the things that will allow for the Church to have opportunity through the same technological experience.  We thank God for discernment.


These past several months have made us stronger, drawn us closer one with the other and with God.  The experiencing  has helped us to individually and collectively decide how we should go forward, as we become more aware of the reality, that we are the Church, living stones made for the building up the Body of Christ.  We so look forward to the future ... beyond COVID-19 ... but we are earnestly grateful in our knowing  "sufficient is the day!"  As we press forward, we do so prayerfully. 


We are praying for our future as it relates to all who believe that:


God Is Our Father * Christ Is Our Redeemer * The Holy Spirit Is Our Comforter * Humankind Is Our Family






Transformation and Growth  ***  Spiritual and Physical Evolution


Psalm 84:1-2;4

"How amiable are Thy tabernacles,O Lord of hosts!

My soul longs, yea, even faints for the courts of the Lord:

My heart and my flesh cries out for the Living God.

Blesses are they that dwell in They House:

They will be still praising Thee.  Selah."


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