Food For Thought

Rev. Shirley D. Heermance



Have you ever found yourself off alone in contemplation of God?  What I mean is for example: have you ever wonder about the who and what of God, beyond what we are able to know via the Bible, or other books from off the shelf?  Have you ever wonder what God looks like, or wish that you could see Him face-to-face?  Or have you ever pondered on the complexities of the Holy Trinity, as God, and wished they were easier to comprehend?  Have you ever desired to hear God's voice, or to see His smile?  Have you ever wondered what the Triune God would look like standing side-by-side, or sitting on their thrones (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)?  Have you ever pondered the supremacy of God or what it must really mean that God is all knowing, all powerful, and ever present?  Or, again just as an example, have you ever  toyed around, in prayer, with those kind of questions that you would not dare ask publicly concerning God?  

Have you ever just found yourself off alone in search of God ... ?



Isaiah 54:1-10 MSG

St. Luke 12:29-32