Let Us Pray

For the Ukranian People, and for people all over the world who are victims of senseless war and warring.  Remember to ask God to liberate those who have no power to free themselves, and to console the hearts of those who have and are having to flee the tyranny and the devastations of hate and greed.  Cry out to God, today, for mercy and for intervention.  In the name of Christ Jesus.  Amen.





There is so much to be in prayer for.  Just in recent weeks our nation and our world have been impacted by deadly tornados, fires, floods, disease, violence, hate, and despair.  We are praying for those who are the closest to us and those who we know nothing more about them, than they are in need of prayer.  Grateful that we have a God that can hear us when we pray and is able to answer.  Please include the following to your prayer list:




Sick and Shut-Ins

Wanda Emerson

Jamesina Evans

Rev. Theodore Evans

Winnie Freelon

Ramona Freelon

Deborah Simpson

Dixie Wilson

Rosalind Wynne

Dear Lord,

Often times we tell each other that "prayer changes things."  I am reminded it is actually you that hears and answers our prayers that ultimately makes the change in and for our lives. So, we ask you today Almighty God to attend to the request that we make in prayer.  See those that we have listed above.  You know everything essential about each of them and what they stand in need of, we ask you for your presence and your power to provide for them.  We know that you are a healer and a miracle making God.  We know that there is nothing too hard for you, nothing outside your reach, nothing that you cannot do.  For those we pray for today, we simply entrust them to your divine care, knowing whatever you do will be right.  Bless the families of those who grieve your decision to call your children home.  Grant to them your divine comfort and the blessed assurance that their beloved ones are in your care, and in the promises of eternal glory.  Thank you for hearing us as we pray.  In the precious name of Jesus.  Amen.

Special note:  If there is a person or persons that you would like for us to include on the Prayer Request page, please send their names to  and we will gladly include them.