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We consider the concept of prayer, moreover the necessity of prayer, I ask you to consider it with me this way.  It has been said of prayer that it is how believers talk with God to make both our praise and our request known to Him.  Prayer is a mighty weapon at the disposal of anyone who dares to call on the name of the Lord.  Prayer is our search to be in a relationship with God.  When you open your heart and mind to what  you might consider prayer to be, may you also see, prayer as God's gift of His time to spend in conversation with us.

I recently asked the Congregation to imagine God stopping whatever God was doing, to listen to our voices with every intent to answer us.  I asked them to consider that the whole reality of prayer is more than mere words that we recite in our minds, as a habitual way to start and end our days.  Prayer I earnestly propose is our communicating with God and He with us.  

Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information or news.  We pray when we give praise and thanks to our God, as well as when we are asking God to provide for our needs.  Rather we cry "help" or "hallelujah" if our words our directed to God we are in a mode of prayer.  And we can pray anywhere at anytime, expecting that the Lord will hear and answer each prayer expressed.  Yes!  God hears and answers our every prayer, and He does it through love and with tender mercies.  He doesn't always say yes to every prayer request, but be sure that if God says no, trust that He knows what's best.  

This week let us pray for our Nation.  Let us ask God together for the healing of our lands;  for the power to unite His people all over America; for our willingness to strive for unity and peace; and for love to flourish from heart to heart, so that Christian hearts might beat as one.   In the precious name of Jesus, let us pray unto our God.  Amen.