Let Us Pray

As our children are returning back to in-person learning, let us keep each of them close in prayer.  Let us pray for their safety throughout our country, asking God to protect each school from the dangers of hate and violence.  Let us ask God to protect every classroom, student, and teacher.  As we pray, be mindful that there are shortages of teachers throughout our country, and also ask God on behalf of those places that refuse girls and women opportunity to be formally educated.  Please ask God to restore or replace the school and university buildings that have been devasted by fire and floods, in places that nature continues to rise up.  Pray that our schools will have all that they will need on every level to properly educate.  Ask God to remember every person, no matter his or her responsibility, who provides service inside the many places of learning.

As people, all over the country, continue to return to in-person worship say a prayer of Thanksgiving, for how God has enabled us to retain our ministries large and small through the various technologies that have allowed us to dial-in, or to assemble ourselves virtually.  Ask God to continue to guard over His worshippers everywhere that have either elected or have not been able to return to their physical church buildings.  Pray that He will dispatch Guardian Angels to protect the property and the Church's ministries.  Fail not to ask that God keep will His people encouraged and committed.  

As our nation and our world continue to be impacted by deadly tornados, fires, floods, disease, violence, hate, and despair.  Continue to pray for those who are the closest to you, and for those who you know nothing other than they are standing in the need of prayer.  Lastly, please continue to pray out of a sense of gratitude, respectfully knowing that we serve a God who is both able to hear and to answer our prayers. 

Remember there is power in the precious name of Jesus.

Special note:  If there is a person or persons that you would like for us to include on the Prayer Request page, please send their names to  and we will gladly include them.