St. Mark's AME Church

(785) 232-0709

801 NW Harrison Street

Topeka, Kansas 66608

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Our Ministries

St. Mark's African Methodist Episcopal Church

801 NW Harrison Street * Topeka, Kansas 66608 * (718) 232-0709

Church Ministries


Ministerial Team

Board of Stewards

Board of Trustees

Lay Organization

Class Leader's Board

Men's Ministry

Sisters of Solidarity

Pray and Bible Study 

Sanctuary Choir

Men's Chorus

Gospel Choir

Combined Choir

Hour of Power/(H.O.P. Ministry)

Community Outreach

History Project

And Below Listed Ministries

Please feel free to join us!

Children & Youth


Sunday Church School - 9:30an

YPD - Scheduled for 2016-2017 still pending

Creative Arts

Inspirational Dance




Creative Worship

Creative Writing - Poetry

Inspirational Dance

And More

Available Services

Souvenir Journals:  layout and design, printing, binding

Church Bulletins:  personalize typeset, cover design, printing

Church Banquets Support:  Decorations, foodservice, programs

Costumes: plays, parties, etc.

Plays: Production, plays for special occasions, etc.

Inspirational Dance Ideas 

And More

Service Catalog will be available online

November 2017



The St. Mark's AMEC Deaconess Board

The St. Mark's AMEC Stewardess Board

The Women's Missionary Society

The St. Mark's AMEC Gospel Singers

Annual Programs

Family and Friends Day

Men's Day

Women's Day

Church Anniversary

The St. Mark's AMEC Sanctuary Choir

The  St. Mark's AMEC Male Chorus

The St. Mark's AMEC Gospel Singers

The St. Mark's AMEC Combined Choir 



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