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Rev. Shirley D. Heermance Pastor

801 NW Harrison Street

Topeka, Kansas 66608 * (785) 232-0709



Sunday Church School: ....................................................9:30AM

Sunday Worship Service: ...............................................11:00 AM

Wednesday Prayer and Bible Study .............................Noon 

Food For Thought

"Not unto us, O Lord, not unto Us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake.  Wherefore should the heathen say, where is now their God?  But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased."

Psalm 115: 1-3

"All The Glory Belongs To God!"

In the 115th Psalm it reminds its readers that all the glory belongs to God.  The word "glory" means other words like magnificence, credit, fame, praise, splendor, wonder, grandeur, exaltation and admiration.  The Psalmist notes in opening verse of this song, that the glory is not ours.  It doesn't  change the fact that some have achievements that have led to commendations, or acts that have caused others to celebrate you because of the strides made on your job, in the community, for your family, the church, or whatever the personal or collective successes.  Still all the glory belongs to God.  The God who makes all things possible.

In the 115th Psalm a critical question is asked ... "where is our God?"  As believers we need  be able to answer the question. To understand that our God is in Heaven, the creator of all that is.  He is the ruler of a celestial Kingdom that is beyond our earthbound reaches, until we are able to transcend from the natural of ourselves into His supernatural Kingdom known as Heaven.  Our God is the true and living God.  He is the provider of the sunshine and the rain, so that there will be harves of grain.  . Our God has the ability to see all things.  He has ears to hear you when you pray, and when you offer toward Him your praise.  Unlike other gods, constructed from the imaginations of men, our God is alive and well.

The Psalmist spoke of gods that have mouths that can't speak; eyes that can't see; ears that can't hear; noses that can't smell, hands; that can't handle nor hold; feet, that can't walk; idol gods that look like them, made of silver and gold.  These are they that ask of us, where is our God, who not only has hands, but holds the power of Heaven and earth in them.  Our God, who not only has feeet, but the ability to move ... to come and to go anywhere He chooses, at any time He pleases, to do whatsoever he desires.  Our God who has a mouth that speakes.  Someone once said "His voice is so sweet that the birds hust their singing."  Our God not only can see, but He is able to see all things.

No matter, our human accomplishments, it is our God who gives us everything.  He empowers our minds.  He gives strength to our bodies.  He grants us visions and the capacity to dream.  He places ability and proficiency in our hands, to do the amazing.  He gives sway to each step that we take, through every day of our lives, so that we might not slip and fall.  Our God gives us ears to hear the voices of humankind, the voices of nature, and (from time-to-time) to hear into the supernatural of our exisitng.



Greetings from the St. Mark's AMEC Creative Arts Ministry - (Above Production: "From The Cradle Beyond The Cross")