St. Mark's AME Church

(785) 232-0709

801 NW Harrison Street

Topeka, Kansas 66608

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Historic St. Mark's A.ME. Church


801 NW Harrison Street

Topeka, Kansas 66608 * (785) 232-0709


Year Four

Kingdomtide (Ordinary Time)


Psalm 126:1-6 NLT

St. Matthew 13:10-17 NLT

Season of Growth

Concentration on the Local Church

Care of the Local Congregation




Advocate for Something/someone

Latch onto a Cause

that has eternity in it

and let it lift you.

The Late Bishop

Howard Thomas Primm


Color:  Green


Logo: Butterfly


St. Mark's is delighted to share that as of  August 3, 2019 the Church was nominated and approved by the Kansas Historic Sites Board of Review for the Register of Historic Kansas Places.

St. Mark's A.M.E. Church was also listed in the National Register of Historic Places on September 30, 2019

It has been a long journey, arriving at this place and we are gearing up for the work ahead to renovate our Church building.  The work is scheduled to start this year and as soon as we know when to expect the construction to begin we will share with you, hoping that you will continue on our journey with us.

We will endeavor to share often.  Keep us in your prayers.

Historic St. Mark's 

African Methodist Episcopal Church

Topeka, Kansas


Rev. Shirley D. Heermance, Pastor

Rev. Theodore R. Evans, Associate Pastor

Minister Kristen Sexton, Licentiate

Sunday Church School - 9:30 am

Sunday Worship Service - 11:00 am

Wednesday Bible Sunday - Noon

Communion Service - Every First Sunday

God's Richest Blessings

for 2020!